Hope Road is a community-supported organization. Referrals are not necessary for participation in the program.

Hope Road needs your support to change the future!

Hope Road is funded by financial support from the community. There is no cost to participants.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement 

Hope Road will be a catalyst for change in the lives of young people caught in the cycle of: poverty, governmental assistance, incarceration, poor nutrition, educational disregard, or relational neglect.

  • Job Placement
  • Community Service
  • Training Workshops
  • School Support
  • Mentoring Support
  • Spiritual Support for those seeking

Hope Road works with youth ages 16-22 years old.

Vision Statement 

Hope Road will train and inspire youth to become highly regarded men and women of integrity who are vocationally, financially, and relationally successful.


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Every 3 minutes a child is arrested for a drug offense.

Every 8 seconds during the school year a public high school student drops out.

Every 3 hours a child is killed by a firearm.

Every 8 hours a child commits suicide.

Every 6 minutes a child is arrested for a violent offense.

Source: "The State of America's Children: Handbook," Children's Defense Fund (Washington, DC: 2012)

Every 19 seconds a baby is born to an unwed mother.