The Need to Succeed

How are participants going to handle that money they are earning? Hope Road provides experiential training workshops conducted by experts in the field. Workshops are free to participants and focus on a broad range of life-skills that are tailored to the participants and necessary for total life success.

Who's got your back?

Each participant is paired with a mentor to provide support and guidance.

Earn that paycheck

Participants who meet criteria are eligible to apply for jobs within Hope Road. With support and training from Hope Road, participants apply and interview for the positions. Hope Road provides hands-on support and training while on the job to help participants become well-rounded employees who stand above the crowd.

Description of SERVICES

One Last note

Although Hope Road staff subscribe to Christian beliefs and use those beliefs to direct our behavior toward others, it is NOT a requirement of the program that participants follow Christianity or another religion. We strive to serve everyone in need and consider it a privilege to work with you!

on a mission from god

For youth who are seeking spiritual direction and fulfillment, Hope Road facilitates groups focused on Bible study and building peer relationships. Hope Road mentors provide the support of and connection to Christian adult and youth leaders.

Jailhouse Rock

For those participants on probation, Hope Road staff will collaborate with Community Corrections to support participants in following the rules of their probation and exceeding the expectations of their supervision.

Let's blend

It's important to be part of our community. Community service projects are organized by Hope Road staff, volunteers, and youth participants. Participants must complete a predetermined amount of community service hours to be eligible for paid positions.

School of Rock

Hope Road provides support for youth with truancy or behavioral issues at school. Hope Road collaborates with the school to provide special assistance where needed.As an incentive to increase attendance, youth must be attending school or have completed their diploma or GED to be eligible for paid positions within Hope Road. Hope Road will also support higher education goals.